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Travis Gibb’s Granite State Punk to be Published by Scout Comics in March

You know we’re fans of Travis here and Granite State Punk is the best most punk thing he has created. Creators: Writer: Travis GibbArt & Colors: Patrick BuermeyerLetters: Jerome GagnonEditor: Heather Gibb Logline: Granite State Punk is a rare, gritty look at witches, New Hampshire, addiction, and punk rock told by Zeke…a hardcore punk rocker who is on probation and trying to stay sober. He’s…

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Devin Kraft’s Silence to be published by Literati Press this April

If you’ve been following us here at You Promised Me Comics, you know we are fans of Devin Kraft’s artwork, from Neverender to the exclusive variant he created for us for Coins of Judas. That’s why we’re very excited to see another one of his works being published through Literati Press (LP)! LP is a small indie publisher (and store) based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.…

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