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If you’ve been following us here at You Promised Me Comics, you know we are fans of Devin Kraft’s artwork, from Neverender to the exclusive variant he created for us for Coins of Judas. That’s why we’re very excited to see another one of his works being published through Literati Press (LP)! LP is a small indie publisher (and store) based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

From the press release:

Visionary creator Devin Kraft (Neverender) brings his music and mythology mash-up Silence to Literati Press Comics. Silence will be a 5-issue limited series launching with issue 1 hitting shops April 26 [Diamond Previews Code: FEB231563].

Silence is a story about music and its power to hold things together even as the world falls apart. Returning to her hometown of Anthem, a down-on-its-luck seaport, Johanna Jones discovers the ship her father sailed on has gone missing. She ends up aboard a yellow submarine named the Heart of Gold headed directly into Hades’ Hexagon to find the missing crew, accompanied by her childhood best friend, a rich young addict, and a punk legend. Along the way, the quartet will form unlikely bonds, face astonishing threats, and rock the @#$% out.

“Silence is exactly the kind of unique, distinctive story we love at LP Comics,” says Steve ‘Echo’ Gooch, Editor and Operations Manager of Literati Press. “It’s unlike anything else out there, combining Greek mythology, a working-class story, and the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. We’re thrilled to welcome Devin Kraft and Silence to Literati Press Comics.”

Kraft burst onto the indie comics scene in 2013 with Dragon Slayer, a story about the price of pride and revenge, which raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter. In addition to his hit Neverender (Sumerian Comics), Kraft also draws Samurai Odyssey and provided art for The Garden of Galahad. He has also worked as an illustrator and designer across many media.  Based in the DFW-metroplex, Kraft has lived in Tokyo and is originally from Roswell, New Mexico.

Silence will be available monthly beginning in April 2023 in comic book shops everywhere.

Literati Press Comics & Novels is the home of Stories that Resist Classification. Publisher of Aliengaged, The Black-Jack Demon, Glamorella’s Daughter, The Rez Detectives, and We Promised Utopia, Literati Press is a creators’ publishing company located in Oklahoma City. Literati Press offers mentorship, support, and representation for dynamic voices. Literati Press prides itself on publishing captivating stories not found anywhere else; advancing storytelling in Oklahoma and surrounding states; printing the majority of its comics in-house; and offsetting the carbon footprint of its comics to help mitigate climate change. For further information, visit

This story looks fantastic and I’m hyped for more comics coming from Devin! Stay tuned for more!


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