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Written by Travis Gibb
Art by Tyler Carpenter
Colors by Rolands Kalninš
Letters by Jerome Gagnon
Edits by Heather Gibb
Published by Band of Bards

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 30 pieces of silver that Judas dropped when he betrayed Christ? The Westergaard family knows and they have been fighting a hidden war against demons that have been spawned from it for years. However, since the death of Cullen Westergaard, his daughter and son are split apart as a new evil rises. Can they come together to save humanity one more time?

Band of Bards is newer to the diamond catalog, but certainly not new to the indie comics scene and they show that by teaming up with this amazing creative team, including writer Travis Gibb and letterer Jerome Gagnon from Orange Cone Productions and Tyler Carpenter from Draw and Talk Comics.

Travis hits us with an action-packed, high stakes story about sibling rivalry, dealing with the loss of family at a young age, and trying to capture the coins of Judas that have unleashed demons on earth since Judas was sent to hell.

“We all know the story, even if you aren’t religious. Judas betrays the big guy with a kiss.”

What’s funny is, I’m not religious. I don’t really know the story. Okay, I know Judas betrayed Jesus. But that’s it. I’m not familiar with the lore behind the coins or, hell, even the coins themselves. But Travis sums it up quickly in a way that ties the story together very nicely and serves as a transition in the story.

Without the familiarity of the religious side of the story, this reads like a supernatural thriller and is still this fascinating story about siblings with a troubled past and are likely very deeply flawed characters due to their upbringing. I’m just one issue we begin to see these characters fleshed out and see their bond and what they can accomplish together.

This story wouldn’t be what it is without Tyler Carpenter’s amazing manga-esque style on the art. This shines through in the action sequences and simple background that keep the story very character focused and driven. While not quite as bloody as Chainsaw Man, there are scenes that remind of the gore of that manga.

Tyler’s art is complemented by colorist Rolands Kalninš. Rolands evokes so much emotion through the choice of scene colors, sometimes painting full backgrounds red for violently blood fight sequences. And as with any book Travis writes, Jerome Gagnon is there to put Travis’s words on the pages and make them shine. In addition to incredible font choices for sound effects, the placement of bubbles is impeccable and some scenes get an added layer of epicness.

Strap in for a family reunion from hell as the Westergaard siblings Sophia and Gunther kick demon ass and blow bubblegum…except they’re out of bubblegum. This fast-paced, supernatural thriller will keep you turning pages so fast you may just get a paper cut.

Rating: 9/10

Check out the diamond info here:

Be sure to order issue 1 & 2 from your shop now! Issue 1 is in shops January 18th!

Cover A
Devin Kraft Exclusive Cover for You Promised Me Comics

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