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You know we’re fans of Travis here and Granite State Punk is the best most punk thing he has created.


Writer: Travis Gibb
Art & Colors: Patrick Buermeyer
Letters: Jerome Gagnon
Editor: Heather Gibb


Granite State Punk is a rare, gritty look at witches, New Hampshire, addiction, and punk rock told by Zeke…a hardcore punk rocker who is on probation and trying to stay sober. He’s not afraid to break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience, and man, does he have a lot to say.


Zeke lives and breathes punk rock, and is not about to conform to the absurdities of the world around him. He has just been released from prison for one too many poor life choices, and is now living in the last place he ever wanted to be…his dead parents’ house. For years, Zeke tried to drown every ounce of the memories of this place and his messed-up childhood. While on an ankle monitor, he tries to find meaning to his life with his girlfriend Ember, who is secretly stealing his soul in order to unlock deep secrets of his family origins. Zeke is now forced to confront his past, and face the revelation that his history is filled with the occult, dark magic, and its connection to New Hampshire’s most historic landmark, The Old Man of the Mountain.

Creator Quote:

“Granite State Punk is such a personal story to me. I have written more than a few comics in the last few years, but none have been set in my hometown of Rochester, New Hampshire. I believe this is the best book that I have ever written, and it’s a dream come true to publish this book with SCOUT COMICS, the home of some of my favorite published comics in recent years.”
– Travis Gibb


“Granite State Punk is a gut-punch of a comic. Travis Gibb writes with brains and balls as he introduces us to the grimey world of Zeke, a character whose voice evokes classic Vertigo grit while delivering something whole, honest, and original – something new. The occult has never been darker than in the kinetic art by Patrick Buermeyer, who nails the humorous and emotional beats while delivering constant nightmare fuel. That right there is a powerful team.” 
– Pat Shand (Destiny NY, Azza the Barbed)
“Granite State Punk is Travis Gibb doing what he does best. It’s pure punk, witchcraft, and a hell of a good read. It’s an emotional story about loss and estrangement from family, and about the secrets that family has hidden from their child. This story breaks the fourth wall and does not give a flying F about it. It’s an important story about addiction and the cycle that addicts can find themselves in, but it’s also a story about witches and the mythical power of The Old Man of the Mountain (a landmark of New Hampshire).”

– Jeremy Sparks (You Promised Me Comics)

It was so cool to see my review featured in the Scout Comics press release!! Check out the full review here:


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