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Written and Created by Travis Gibb
Art by Patrick Buermeyer
Letters by Jerome Gagnon
Edits by Heather Gibb
Published by Orange Cone Productions via Kickstarter
Now being published by Scout Comics!

“Granite State Punk is a rare, gritty look at the history of New Hampshire’s most historic landmark, THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN. Zeke has just gotten released from prison and is now living in the last place he ever wanted to be… his dead parents’ house. He has for years tried to drown out every ounce of the memories of this place and his messed-up childhood. Zeke now is forced to confront it and the revelation that his past is filled with the occult and dark magic.”

Granite State Punk is Travis Gibb doing what he does best. It’s pure punk, witchcraft, and a hell of a good read. It’s an emotional story about loss and estrangement from family and story about the secrets that family has hidden from their child. This story breaks the fourth wall and does not give a flying fuck about it. It’s an important story about addiction the cycle that addicts can find themselves in, but it’s also a story about witches and the mythical power of The Old Man of the Mountain (a landmark of New Hampshire).

This story was billed as a one-shot, but I immediately wanted more by the end of the issue. It’s packed with action, emotion, and most importantly well-placed humor, because we all need some humor in the darkness that surrounds us. And Zeke was surrounded by so much darkness in his world.

Travis found the perfect artist to match his storytelling in Patrick Buermeyer. The art screams “this is so punk and witchy” in every panel and I love the grittiness of the scenes that match this overall theme. Patrick also does the colors and this keeps the art theme very consistent with the tone of the book to story details in some unique ways. I enjoy the fact that minimal color is used throughout and that the colors used are dark and grungey, really matching Zeke’s mood throughout – except when he’s at his AA meetings, then the color is a bit brighter.

This book would not be as great as it is, if not for Jerome Gagnon’s magical lettering. This is very much some of the best lettering I’ve ever seen on a comic and what really immerses you into the story even more.

Look. At. That. Lettering.

Granite State Punk was published through Kickstarter originally, but will be published by Scout Comics on March 15, 2023!


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