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Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro
Colors by Barbara Nosenzo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Published by Ablaze Publishing

Do you want more barbarian stories from Michael Moreci? Well this is how you get more barbarian stories from Michael Moreci:

“From the writer of Barbaric comes the world-hopping, skull-crushing adventures of The Mighty Barbarians!
They’re barbarians. They loot, they plunder, they conquer. That’s what they do, and they do it alone…until NOW!  
When an unstoppable force starts consuming one world after another, sorceress Morgan Le Fey uses her magic to assemble a team of skull-cracking warriors who must somehow work together to save all of existence. There’s the young trickster Anansi, Viking shield maiden Birka, the shape-shifting Nanook, and their leader, heir to a fallen kingdom and mightiest of warriors, KULL!
Though their alliance is uneasy, they will do whatever it takes to cut the heart right out of their mutual enemy, leaving a path of ruin through everything and everyone that stands in their way!
Before The Avengers, The Justice League, The X-Men, before it all…stood The Mighty Barbarians! “

This is such an ambitious story that it feels like an Avengers crossover story. Heroes and myths come to life as Morgan Le Fey unites a team of elite warriors across worlds. After reading loving everything Barbaric by Michael Moreci, I could not pass up another barbarian story from him. This time we’ve got an entirely different tone and a different cast of characters as we face down the multiverse of barbarians.

First of all let’s talk about the amazing art team of Giuseppe Cafaro and Barbara Nosenzo. Cafaro’s lines on characters are distinctive and thick which allow the characters to pop against backgrounds utilizing thinner, sketchier lines. I’m loving the character designs of the Aleph and those affected by them, as well as our mighty team of barbarians. Nosenzo excels at using colors for tone, not being afraid of ignoring what the “real” background colors would be in order to put the priority on mood, action, and emotion.

Their combined art makes for a fun reading experience as I tore through issue #1 and am already anticipating the next issue. Rounding out the team is veteran letterer Jim Campbell, who brings the words to life and creates unique sound effects and visually solidifies the words in the Barbarian ages.

Moreci does a great job with characters that are new, characters that are borrowed, and characters from myths and legends. The creation of this hodgepodge team of barbarian greats, truly feels like a new version of the Avengers, brought together because of a great evil plaguing the land. I love it when Morgan Le Fey is used as a character and her myth is explored more and we will be getting lots of that here it seems as if she acts almost a bit like Nick Fury in assembling the MCU Avengers.

The Might Barbarians is an action-packed fantasy epic for the ages. If you like The Avengers, The Justice League, or The X-Men, but wished they were all replaced with mighty barbarians, then fight your way to your nearest comic shop and pick up They Mighty Barbarians!

The Mighty Barbarians #1 is out on 4/19/2023!

Rating: 9/10


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