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Written by RKSS
Art by Jeik Dion
Production by Rob Cannon
Published by Happy Tank Comics/Behemoth Comics

The cult movie Turbo Kid is turning into a franchise with a sequel film in development, a video game, and now with this comic written by the directors & drawn by the storyboard artist of the movie. In this first issue: The Turbo Rider faces the Robot War and Apple discovers a path that leads to the Kid! A path full of blood, gore, fights, synth music and of course BMX!

Turbo Kid is back with a comic prequel! Get ready for the nostalgia feels, the post-apocalyptic world and giant killer robots (as well as overly friendly robots)! This prequel gives some more history of the world and how it ended up being in the state it was during the movie and it does so in a fashion that is only fit for a franchise such as this: with a showdown between Skeletron 2000 and a Turbo Rider. An epic fight scene gets ended all too soon by the worlds true doom.

Years later, enter Apple and her friend who we meet in the movie (the dead one), but this time with more life! Follow their story and see what events lead up to Apple’s entrance into the movie through this issue and into the next one. As this is only a two-part story, it is very action-packed and fully of Apple’s charm and naivete. The world building in this issue is awesome as more gets added to the world from the movie and Apple’s character is built upon.

The art in this comic pops and rocks so hard. I’m more and more a sucker for black and white art – especially when a single color or a minimal colors are thrown in. This art style on top of the purposefully off-white pages transports you back to an era of fun, simple times with robots, comics, and action. Everything about this comic follows this, down to the lettering.

And don’t miss the back up story about the rat that we get caught near the beginning of the story and the wild adventure that happens prior to that! Did I see some even more mutated ninja turtles?! Do I feel really bad for that poor guy? Yes, absolutely thanks to these couple of pages of wild story.

This comic is wild. The Turbo Kid movie is some wild fun. I can’t wait to see what’s next in this universe and can’t wait to read issue 2 and the conclusion of Apple’s Lost Adventure!

Rating 9/10

Check out Turbo Kid: Apple’s Lost Adventure #1 in shops now!

Cover A (JUL211439):

Cover B (JUL211440):

Cover C (JUL211441):

Cover D (JUL211442):

Cover E 1:10 (JUL211443):

Cover F Signed Edition (JUL211444):


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