Action Tank #1 Review

Written by Mike Barry
Art by Mike Barry
Published by Scoot!, a Scout Comics imprint
This is also a NON-STOP! title (rest of story collected in trade form)

Come along for a space adventure like no other! A boy wakes up on Pluto and just wants to get home to his mom’s spaghetti carbonara. With the help of a quattricorn (that’s a unicorn with 4 horns!!), our space cadet discovers how to get home.

This cadet will need bravery, heart, and a lot of desire to get home to that spaghetti carbonara! This story is perfect for young readers and a great way to get your kids into comics! The art is beautiful and utilizes some stunning colors. With some well-place letters and layouts, this is sure to wow the young and the young-at-heart.

So strap in because this astro action cadet is in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Rating: 10/10 for kids! 8/10 for adults!

Action Tank #1 in shops 8/25/2021!

Cover A: JUN211762

Witchblood #6 Review

Written by Matthew Erman

Art by Lisa Sterle

Colors by Gab Contreras

Published by Vault Comics

Do you want an origin story? Because this is how you get origin stories.

We are once more taken down the rabbit hole of the world of Witchblood and truly learn the meaning behind that term. Esme is revealed for the first time (that’s right! first appearance alert!) and this redefines who Yonna is, how she became a witch, and possibly why she’s been running all this time. This origin opens even more doors for Matthew and Lisa to explore in this world!

Mysteries deepen in the city in the sky as General Paradisia introduces us to her family. Who are these vampires and what is their relationship to our endearing Hounds of Love?! Read issue 6 to find out!

As Yonna, Texas Red and Atlacoya pursue the Hounds of Love ever closer to reaching Esme, what new wonders will befall our ragtag team? Matthew Erman weaves a tale of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat as you cannot stop flipping the pages to find out what happens next.

Lisa Sterle’s art continues to stand out and brings to life this incredible world of witches, biker vampires, sky vampires, and so many more mystical beings. Gab Contreras continues to excel at making Lisa’s art pop, and showing her range with use of the brightest of bright exciting colors and deep dark tones where thematically needed.

This is a book that is going big places and you DO NOT want to miss this issue. Each issue I fall more and more in love with the characters and the world and now I’m left in horror and suspense after an enormous cliff hanger! What will happen to Yonna and the gang? Will the Hounds of Love triumph? Will Esme destroy the Hounds? What roll does Paradisia play in all of this?

Found out when the next issue of Witchblood hits shops on September 8th!

For my first written review I’m bringing back the ratings. Don’t hate me for putting a lot of 8s, 9s, and 10s, because the ones I love are the ones I will be talking about on there. That being said – with the direction this story is going, this is nothing short of 9/10 automatically. Add in Lisa’s art and Gab’s colors with awesome lettering by Andworld Design and you’ve got a recipe for 10s flying everywhere.

Rating: 10/10


Witchblood 1-5 already out in stores!

Witchblood 6 Diamond code:

Cover A (Lisa Sterle art): JUL212095

Cover B (Tarot variant): JUL212096

Art not yet released – but oh man you don’t want to miss this one!

Cover C (Yoshi Yoshitani variant): JUL212097

Issues 6-10 will be a new set of connecting variants!