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Written by Jarred Lujan
Art by Matt Harding
Colors by Warnia Sahadewa
Letters by Melanie Ujimori
Edits by Hernan Guarderas and Sara Harding
Published by Scout Comics

Are you looking for an emotional one-shot that will blow you away? Check this out:

“Joe is an elderly dementia patient that becomes possessed by a powerful demon. In order to save him, an unconventional and mysterious exorcist, JC Garcia, must venture into his mind. Once inside, he finds far more than he bargained for: an ever-changing hellscape created by a fusion of Morris’s and the demon’s memories that brings JC face-to-face with his own traumatic past. All the Devils are Here reinvents the exorcism story with a unique, emotional tale about the power of love, loss, and memory.”

This is a story so creatively bonkers and heartwarming that you need to read it. It’s hard not to shed a tear as you read through a story about dementia and what someone who has it would give to hold on to their memories. And Joe, would allow himself to be possessed by one of the worst demons in order to have a chance at holding on to all that he held dear. Meanwhile, his son tries to care for him in his comatose state, while bringing in an exorcist to help.

Matt Harding’s art keeps even the cartoonishly supernatural elements looking realistic in the hellscape that is Joe’s mind. His style really makes the characters stand out and pop off the pages. JC’s character design emanates a roguish sense of style that feels part Han Solo, part Indiana Jones, and part Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian.

Warnia Sahadewa nails the vibrantly different color aspects of the book with the darkness in Joe’s mind contrasted with the bright attacks from Corson, the archdemon, and fantastical weaponry from JC. Melanie Ujimori is fantastic on letters and does a great job of distinguishing the demons stuck in JC’s head from each other and enhances the personality of each give by Jarred.

Jarred is a writer that is always leveling up his skills and All the Devils are Here is a showcase of how good of a storyteller he is. I enjoyed every second of this unique and emotional exorcism story. If you’re looking for a different take on the classic exorcism story or know someone with dementia and are looking for a comic to help you cope, go pick up All the Devils are Here.

Rating 9/10

All the Devils are Here #1 is out in shops April 12, 2023!

Cover A by Marco Fontanelli

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