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Storytelling by Christopher Alvarez and David Andry
Colors by Bruno Furlani
Letters by Micah Myers

Let me preface this by saying I have been loving everything David Andry has been creating lately. End After End and Denizen (part of the Nightfall Double Feature from Vault Comics) have been nothing short of amazing and always exciting reads.

In Dead Blood #1, David and Christopher Alvarez bring us a story that is batshit crazy and so much fun. From page one I was sold. This world is full of supernatural beings and from the world-building we are given in issue 1, it sounds like there are different gangs of supernatural beings that rule different areas. Cull, one of our main characters, seems to have it out for these beings and is working to stop them. Cull, however, is no stranger to the supernatural as his brother, Rip, is a ghost that is spiritually attached to him.

The art is mesmerizing with its simplified bubble background style that reminds me of the Kirby Krackle. The colors from Bruno Furlani cause those backgrounds to bring an incredible focus to the characters and the action taking place. The creativity poured into this comic is phenomenal and this is especially seen on each page layout as the say ‘fuck traditional layouts’ and use such unique and fun paneling. Speaking of aspects of this comic that are fun and unique, Micah Myers knocks the lettering out of the park to the point that sometimes the letters even make up the boarders between panels.

I’m already loving Cull and Rip and they way they work together to fight off their potential enemies. They don’t necessarily have a quippy fight talk, but they do have a great back and forth that makes you ready for more action from the brother duo. While this issue builds up a bit of the world and establishes Cull and Rip, we also get left on a great cliffhanger of what is to come next. This had an excellent pace to it, despite being slightly shorter than your usual comic length. If you love fun buddy cop duos with a zany supernatural twist, check out Dead Blood now!

Rating 9.5/10

Dead Blood #1 will be funding on Kickstarter soon! Click to save it on pre-launch here:

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