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Written by Pat O’Malley
Art by Santi Guillen
Letters and edits by Phil Smith
Published by Sumerian Comics

“I’m going to kill my dad.”


Do you like revenge? Because this is how you get revenge:

“Popscars is a gritty Hollywood revenge story about a vigilante badass in a pink ski mask and the famous Hollywood movie producer she is out to kill, who also happens to be her estranged father. In Hollywood revenge is best served in front of an audience. As our pink ski masked killer pushes her way through a Hollywood crowd, prepared to take her shot at her movie producer father, she’s quickly swept into a brand new revenge plot orchestrated by her own unsuspecting target.”

I originally read issues 1 and 2 of Popscars from its release on Kickstarter and really enjoyed where this story is going. It is a revenge story like no other. When dealing with retribution in Hollywood, things tend to get a bit dramatic and everything turns into a production of its own. Pinky is a brilliant and vibrant character motivated to want to kill her father by the fact that he left her and her mother when she was just a baby and has since had a successful movie-creating career, but left them with nothing.

As far as vigilante character designs go, Pinky is up there as on of the most creative. Besides the pink color scheme, her weapon of choice, a baseball bat/axe is so badass. Her introduction in this issue has me very excited to see what else she’ll do. Additionally, the rest of Santi Guillen’s art is just as fantastic. The realistic style and creative concepts, including the visible television lines when something is shown on a news broadcast, are some of my favorites in comics right now. He also nails the colors and panel moods perfectly including a series of panels when Pinky is about to make her assassination attempt.

Phil Smith’s lettering is fun and dynamic, especially with balloon design. Sound effects in cheering crowds stand out and immerse the reader in the book. I feel like I can hear the chants of “WE WANT MIKA!” coming off of the pages. So many different balloon and font styles are utilized which enhances the individuality seen by these characters.

Just like the vengeance plot, everything about Popscars feels cinematic. It’s packed with three-dimensional characters, action, plot twists, and so much more.

Rating: 9/10

Popscars #1 is out now!

Cover A by Santi Guillen

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