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Written and lettered by Drew Lenhart
Art by Rowel Roque
Published by Blood Moon Comics

“Terry works for the monster community. He’s their cleanup guy, covering up their misdeeds in order to keep monsters a secret. Terry operates by only two rules: 1( listen to the Lycan King’s orders, and 2) don’t kill any monsters!”

If you’re a fan of the legendary monsters, you’re in for a fun ride with this one! We’ve got werewolves and vampires and mummies and Frankenstein’s monster, oh my. This story bits you out of the gates with a big mystery surrounding certain deaths happening. And Terry, the police officer appears to be covering it up to help the head of the Werewolves. Stranger things are afoot as we dive into this story.

Drew Lenhart is creating a story steeped in love for the classic monsters of tales told for many, many years. He has begun to build a very interesting world here with this issue.

Rowel Roque bring a great balance of interesting character expression and great monster designs as we enter this new world. As the art is black and white we really get to see the full impact of his lines and his shading. He has a very refined style that is perfect for this monster story. There is a very iconic looking scene depicting the reveal of who Damien, the leader of the werewolves, is.

Drew pulls double duty on this comic as the letter. Given that he is the writer too, it feels like this adds a very close instinct on lettering choices and brings a very distinct outcome. I love that the werewolves all speak in the same style and really connects with the focus on them during this issue.

If you’re a fan of werewolf stories and have always been intrigued by just how they might get away with their actions, you’re going to need to pick this up as Drew and Rowell explore this incredible concept!

Rating: 8.5/10

The Monster’s Cleanup Guy #1 is in shops June 14, 2023!


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