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Written by Damien Becton
Art by Christian Prunesti
Colors by Luana Cristini
Letters by Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Edits by Devin Arscott
Published via Kickstarter

“It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/action comic about a soldier with hi-tech armor that will stop at nothing to keep her daughter safe and to escape a mystical, alien planet. After crash-landing on a dangerous, archaic, and mystical planet, Serenity and her estranged daughter, Mackenzie, pursue an energy source that may be the key to escaping.  However, in the middle of their journey, they’re accosted by a deadly sorceress who is also searching for powerful relics. Now the two must work set aside their conflicts to escape the clutches of their deadly enemy with their lives.”

I always love a good sci-fi story. I want to get lost in a story that takes me to the stars. In Worlds Away you get that, but then have elements of Fantasy brought in and the dials turned up to 11. This story is a blast from the action side of things, but also a highly emotionally connected story. I knew from the start that the sci-fi/fantasy genre would really pull me in and after reading issue one I needed more.

Christian Purnesti does a fantastic job imagining this world that Damien Becton is writing and they seem even more in synch by issue 2 as more characters are brought in with even more interesting designs. Christian’s lines vary from small ones to add details and small shadows to hard, thick lines outlining characters and creatures. The style employed in the action sequences reminds me a lot of manga and ramps up the intensity of these scenes a bunch.

Luana Crisitini is excellent on the colors as we get a broad array brought into this issue, showcasing Luana’s range from the darkness around the planet and in space, to the bright colors of blasters and magic. Reed Hinckley-Barnes nails the letters, showcasing not just talent on balloon placement and regular lettering, but particularly excelling at sound effects throughout the two issues and the effect he added in for when Mackenzie has music blaring and cannot hear her mother, Serenity.

In Worlds Away, Damien has created a very real-life relationship between Serenity and Mackenzie but tells this character-driven narrative in a wild and unique world, that adds all kinds of new conflict and stress to their relationship. Serenity and Mackenzie are three-dimensional characters that really stand out amongst comics I’ve read due to both their relationship and their badassery when thrust into battle with a witch (the fantasy twists are insanely fun).

If you’re a fan of God of War and Radiant black and are looking for a fun and impactful fantasy/sci-fi adventure, then you’ll enjoy Worlds Away!

Worlds Away issues #3-4 (with options for 1-4) is funding now on Kickstarter:

Rating 9/10


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