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Written by C. Brennan Knight
Art by Max Davenport
Colors by Roman Stevens
Letters by Rob Jones
Published via Kickstarter

“Thousands of years ago, the elven Fae Lords benevolently ruled over the world, overseeing an era of peace. Witnessing the ascend of human civilization, the Fae Lords returned to their home realm, the Fae. To mankind, they bestowed two final gifts: dominion of the world and the ancient knowledge of magic. The Fae Lords peace ended at the hands of the Dragons, tyrants who rose to power as they warred amongst themselves. Their strength, inhuman. Their rule, absolute. None have escaped their oppression. But there are those ready to fight the impossible fight to free the world from tyranny. Enter Myrta, warrior of the Rebellion, humanity’s last resistance against the Dragons. As a child, she could only watch and run as the Red Dragon destroyed her life. Now, fifteen years later, she has returned. Armed with the power to get her vengeance, Myrta readies to attack the Red Dragon’s citadel. Little does she know what fate awaits her within.”

Tyrant Fall is fantasy at its finest. In one oversized issue, we get a tale that builds up our main character Myrta and brings her into a conflict that sets the story into motion. Myrta is driven by revenge, due to events that took place when she was young, against the tyrannical Red Dragon. There is an incredible cast of unique characters created as her team to help achieve this revenge, despite potential warnings of the danger to carry out their plot. With unique enemies and interesting allies, this is the type of fantasy story I want to be reading.

Max Davenport uses solid and hard lines in his artwork to create our diverse cast of characters. The creativity that is displayed in the character designs and their outfits is phenomenal and exactly what I love to see in this type of setting. His action and fighting sequences bring in a manga vibe to create some truly fun battle scenes. Roman Stevens colors really capture the mood of the scenes, ranging from bright explosive reds and oranges to dark blues and greens as our battle party approaches the castle. The simple color backgrounds during fight scenes also really work to focus the attention on the characters and the action more so than the surroundings. The lettering by Rob Jones is often fun, especially with the narration bubbles,

I truly enjoy all of the characters that were created for this story (even if some had to go and get killed). I think the differences seen in all of them displays the creativity that C Brennan Knight has in developing characters and story ideas. If you’re a fan of fantasy stories, manga, and character-rich worlds full of unique beings, then you’ll love Tyrant Fall!

Rating 9/10

Tyrant Fall #2 (with catchup tiers for #1) is coming soon to Kickstarter! Pre-launch page is here:

Cover A by Max Davenport

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