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Written by Ben Kahn
Art and Colors by Bruno Hidalgo
Color assistance by James Penafiel
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Published by Whatnot Publishing

“In the distant future, mankind has taken to the stars and spread across the galaxy. They’ve encountered hundreds of worlds, met dozens of species…and crushed them all in the iron fist of humanity! Humans now reign over the Milky Way as a fascist empire known as the Sovereign Reach, and their most feared soldier is the merciless Captain Lyla Gryffen. Six months ago, they disappeared. One week ago…they returned. Changed. Radicalized to bring down the empire they once served. Now, Captain Gryffen has a new mission – to recruit a crew of rogue officers and mad scientists, and set fire to the galaxy, no matter how many get burnt along the way.”

Gryffen is the most comedic sci-fi romp across the galaxy to fight against tyranny that comics has ever seen. It’s nonstop hilarity, action, and fast-paced rebellion. At 46 pages, issue one packs so much story in that you will be excited for the next chapter and what Lyla Gyrffen and company will be up to next. If you enjoy Star Wars, but always wanted it to be more vulgar then you will love this story.

The art and colors from Bruno Hidalgo are fantastic and include some amazing character designs and location designs. In a sci-fi/fantasy world, oftentimes the creativity of location designs really can make or break the story. In Gryffen the world is immersive and contains a fantastic cast of human and non-human characters that show the diversity of the galaxy. The paneling and design of the comic create an easy flow through the pages as Lyla Gryffen wreaks chaos and destruction against the tyrants of the galaxy. Sal Cipriano’s letters assist in the immersive nature of the story as the reader does not feel pulled away from the sci-fi world.

Whatnot Publishing was smart to publish this amazing and epic sci-fi tale as writer Ben Kahn is once again showing why they are an excellent up-and-coming writer who is already beginning to establish themselves as someone to watch. If you are a fan of space, taking down the patriarchy (and tyrannical empires), and vulgar comedic romps, then you need to add Gryffen to your pull list.

Rating: 9/10

Gryffen #1 is on Final Order Cutoff March 13th and in shops April 12th!

Cover A by Bruno Hidalgo

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