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Written by Jonathan Hedrick
Art by Luigi Barricelli
Colors by Ruben Curto
Letters by DC Hopkins
Editor Dimitrios Zaharakis
Published by Blackbox Comics

“After growing exceedingly impatient, The Queen of The Night takes matters into her own hideous hands and expedites her sinister plan to conquer the nightmare realm. Meanwhile, Dream Master must feverishly race across the twisted dreams of a familiar blind man to prevent the witch from acquiring his tortured spirit.”

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, you know I’m a big fan of Dream Master. This issue continues the impeccable storytelling from Jonathan Hedrick as the mystery behind who the Dream Master is continues to deepen. This issue focuses a lot on Dream Master trying to discover who he is and feels like something that will resonate with a lot of readers.

There are some really beautiful moments in this issue, including following the story of a blind man that, because he cannot see, does not know when he is in the dream realm. He wants to sacrifice himself so that the Queen of the Night cannot use him to enter the waking world. The dialogue feels very real and raw between the two characters that have some sort of history with each other that Dream Master is unable to remember, including that the blind man, Otto, knows about Dream Master’s past and his family.

The art from Luigi Barricelli is incredible, as always, with so many fun details in the backgrounds. The shading that Baricelli uses adds a unique texture to the scenes that I am really enjoying. He does an incredible job displaying the emotions on our masked paladin’s face, on a level that we’ve come to expect from characters like Deadpool. As we’ve seen more of the Queen of the Night in this issue, I’m really enjoying the intricate details of her design. Ruben Curto’s colors dazzle as in issues 1 and 2, painting the vibrancy of the dream world, as well as the ever-changing kaleidoscope galaxy of Dream Master’s mask. DC Hopkins again proves why he is a sought-after letterer, with dynamic sound effects and word balloons that accentuate the story.

The world-building that is continuing to take place has been fantastic in this issue as we get a bit of a showcase of the Dream Master’s powers and his ability to affect the dream realm. This issue solidified this world as something we need more of in comics.

Dream Master #3 is out now from Blackbox Comics!

Rating: 9/10


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