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Written by Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz
Art by Marcelo Salaza (#1-4) and Samuel Iwunze (#5)
Colors by Marcio Freire
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Published via Kickstarter

“The half-breed son of an extraterrestrial who masqueraded as human for decades witnesses his father’s death after saving a human child—a selfless act that resulted in the exposure of his father’s alien physiology. Tortured by the loss, the son, Kent, spends 13 years struggling to pick up the pieces until he’s mysteriously confronted by someone claiming to have been there on the day of his father’s murder and that they have a means of getting him back. Driven to uncover the circumstances surrounding his father’s murder, and struggling to reconcile his dueling sense of identity, Kent is led further into the jaw of a Cold War genetics conspiracy; what’s left of him is forced to confront a twisted ghost from his past as it plunges a dagger into everything he’s come to know about himself and what it means to be human.”

I am a more recent reader of this Kickstarter comic but I can say that I could not stop reading this from issue one through five as soon as I started. This story takes what you know about the alien-comes-to-earth-and-becomes-a-hero genre and turns it on its head. Trevor is writing a very character-driven and emotional take on this and creating a story that readers can truly connect with. This story is also a sci-fi thriller that adds some interesting aspects to the plot.

There are two different art teams on this story, one for issues 1-4 and one for issue 5 and the currently kickstarting issue 6. However, despite that there is not a disconnect at all in the storytelling. If anything, the switch ramps things up in the final issue. The paneling throughout the story is unique and adds a big sci-fi style to the comic, but in the last issue, this is amplified as the plot of the story ramps up even more. All throughout the story, Taylor Esposito’s letters are phenomenal from sound effects, to not just the placement of word balloons, but the style given to each one. The reader can tell that a lot of thought and effort was put into the lettering.

This takes us back to the thought and effort put into the story. It is an emotional ride from the start to the cliffhanger finish of issue 5. Each issue left us on a bit of a cliffhanger, to the point that I was glad I could binge-read the whole series so far as I was hooked. The character-driven side of the story focuses on the loss of a father and what his son might do to discover the truth of his supposed death and try to connect with him once more.

I am so excited to see the conclusion of this story and see what Trevor has coming next to crowdfunding. He is a writer to look out for in the future as he is hitting the ground running with this series and is showing why he has earned a place as a comic creator.

There are just a few days left to back issues 1-6 on Kickstarter! Follow the link below to check out the campaign!

Rating: 9/10


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