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Written by Mario Candelaria
Art by Serg Acuña and Lautaro Havlovich
Colors by Katherine Lobo and Lesley Atlansky
Letters by Matt Krotzer
Edits by James Ferguson and Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Published by Scout Comics

“It’s showtime! The crew deals with the negative side of festival life as they prepare for Topanga Cornell’s once in a lifetime performance. This is the hottest ticket in town that her fans would literally *kill* to attend.”

While this is a suspenseful story about a crazy fan cult willing to do anything for their leader, Topanga, it is also even more so a character-driven story about a group of friends. People that are so well-written and with relatable and authentic dialogue, you can instantly feel connected with them. Mario Candelaria continues to amaze with his writing in this issue and shows his grasp on creating an emotionally connected story.

If you thought things were insane in issue one, just wait till you sink your eyes into issue two. The mystery surrounding Topanga’s cult deepens as we learn what the people involved had to do to be accepted and the day progresses toward Topanga’s secret concert. The story leaves us on a very nice cliffhanger to keep you hooked and leave you wanting #forherlove.

Two art teams handle this book with Serg Acuña and Katherine Lobo handling the intro with one of the cultists killing someone, while Lautaro Havlovich and Lesley Atlansky tackle the rest of the issue. Havlovich does a great job capturing facial and postural emotions well, while Atlansky has mastery over the colors and maintains thematic background colors throughout the issue. Lastly, letterer Matt Krotzer does an excellent job through the issue with balloon placement, word stressing, and alternating lettering styles for certain characters.

If you’re a music fan looking for a character-focused thriller do yourself a favor and check out Killchella!

Rating 9/10

Killchella #2 is out from Scout Comics 02/15/20223!


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