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Written and art by Etienne Derepentigny
Letters by Jerome Gagnon
Edits by Kurt Blecher
Published by Red 5 Comics

Issue 3: “As we explore who made this man a soldier, Kain’s origin is told. A lonely baby is left in the woods next to his dead mother. Kain is found by the legendary commander Arthur who saw not only a child, but a future soldier waiting to be molded into the perfect image of himself. But is Kain more than a ruthless killer? Will he stand in front of injustice and become the man he is destined to be?”

Issue 4: “The undead is marching! Everywhere they go, death follows. Has each one who dies is one more for the horde, Kain and his friends still search for his love. But will the sight of what the dead are truly capable of, push the group to take a stand? While the actual danger lies in the shadow when a mysterious figure comes to claim his prize.”

Before we even get into the story and breakdown some awesome things going on, let’s talk about Etienne’s art again, because it is a perfect blend of some more traditional styles with thicker lines, mixed with a more simplistic background that let the colors tell a tale of through tones and emotion. This style of artwork slaps so hard when considering a zombie story set in medieval times. I know I’ve complimented Jerome’s letters in the past on both this comic and other indie comics, but he again excels in this issue, sometimes getting creatives with some out of the balloon lettering that drives home the tone of the characters speaking.

In issue 3 our story takes us back to Kain’s time as a soldier and we get a glimpse into what makes this character tick and how his morals really drive him. This issue does not drive the narrative from issue 2 forward but does really allow us to better understand our main character, which is important heading into issue 4.

In issue 4 we see just how bad things are getting in this world. The dead are multiplying like wild and Kain’s search for his beloved may just not go as hoped. But Kain’s moral compass drives the team forward into their next actions. This is a very character-driven story and I love that a lot of time is spent fleshing out our main cast a little more throughout this issue. Etienne is crafting a story of horror and tragedy that really gets put on display in this issue. Our mystery about the root cause of this zombie plague deepens and left me sitting on the edge of my seat to the last page – which of course was a big cliffhanger for issue 5!

This story hits some of the best elements of fantasy and horror tying in some hints of sorcery, some scary monsters (the zombies, of course), and a once-cozy medieval-era setting. The flashback for Kain really drives home some actions he takes in issue 4, which helps to truly define who he is going forward. This is top-notch fantasy horror and I can’t wait to see the conclusion!

Issue 3 is out now, and issue 4 is out 1/11/2023!

Issue 3 rating 8/10

Issue 4 rating 9/10

Average rating 8.5/10

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