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“Holiday Spirits is a comic book horror anthology with suspenseful and thrilling Christmas tales brought to you by 20 super talented indie creators. This high-quality 90-page book is a must-have under the tree this year! if you like Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents, this comic book is for you.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be absolutely terrified. Some of the best indie creators around will thrill you with their holiday horrors in this anthology that is tied all together by a story following Mr. Marley, the accused serial killer from volume 1 and his lawyer’s defense of him using tales of horror from Christmastime.

You’ll be visited by “Karens” who want to speak to a manager or they’ll turn into something so ungodly you’ll wish for a regular Karen to appear. You’ll meet slashers and dashers, killers and thrillers. All of these stories are simply terrifying. This is the holidays at their most sinister. Some of the best indie creators have come together to weave a tale so terrifying you’ll wonder if you’re safe this holiday season.

All of the artwork seems to flow together so seamlessly despite the different styles that are presented. With the incredible writing teams that are a part of this book, you’ll fall into this terrifying tale and not want to put it down until the conclusion. Check out all of the creative teams listed below to see the lineup for this year’s anthology.

Each story will pull at your heartstrings in one way or another. Some stories about family and seasonal trauma may be too real for some readers, while stories about a killer that hunts down those on the naughty list may leave you scared of the killer’s arbitrary judgment (or very happy – idk you do you). There are stories of redemption and healing that resonate loudly during the holidays. The tl;dr of it all is that this anthology has a story for everyone – a story that you will connect with on some level and you will walk away differently after reading it.

This has easily become my new favorite holiday read as we all know the holidays always inspire a little touch of horror.

Creative Team:

Santa Slasher
Written By Brian Hawkins (Vineyard, Black Cotton)
Art by Etienne Derepentigny (Dead Kingdom, Cthulhu Invades Wonderland)

All Good Children
Written & Colored By Stonie Williams (VILLAINOUS)

Art By Glliard Goulart (Voodoo Nations)

Razing Spirits
Art By Kurt Belcher (Rottentail, World Front, Winter War)
Colors By Alan Emennual (Voodoo Nations)

Letters To Santa
Written By John Durgin (Jol, The Cursed Among Us)
Art By Joel Vanpatten (Deadball)

8th Night
Written By Tom Ravid (Monstrosities: A Horror Anthology)
Art By Michiums (Wonderful Women of the World)

The Twelve Days of Krampus
Written By Travis Gibb (Coins of Judas, Cthulhu Invades, Granite State Punk)
Art By Don Nguyen (Pablo The Gorilla, Retro)
Colors By Alivon Oriz (Holiday Spirits, Chaos Campus)

Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Written By Adam Barnhardt ( Sh*t Show, Moonspawn)
Art By Nícolas Santos (Moonspawn)
Colors By Rolands Kalniņš (Coins Of Judas)

Written By Heather Gibb (Pup Van Winkle, Cthulhu Invades Wonderland)
Art By Jake and Sean Baggs (Freakshow: Hearld, Expired)

Gift Rock
Written By Matthew Wilding (Free Hands)
Art By Richard Kemp (Dont Even Blink)

My Deer Lady
Written David Galiano (Savage Bastards)
Art By Brian Lue Sang (Tales from the Tipsy Taurus)
Colorist: Damir Rošić (Kerra Prime Presents)

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