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Written by Mario Candelaria
Art by Serg Acuña
Colors by Katherine Lobo
Letters by Matt Krotzer
Edits by James Ferguson, Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Published by Scout Comics

“A group of friends drive up from Los Angeles to attend an ultra-trendy music festival in the Coachella Valley desert. They soon face a bloody night of terror when a reclusive pop star making her big return after five years recruits her most fanatical devotees to assist in a massive human sacrifice ritual.”

Where do you go to get your socks rocked off? The Coachella Valley, of course. Where do you go to get your mind rocked, visually socked, and heart stabbed repeatedly? Killchella, of course.

Killchella is a really fun story that takes a dark turn rather quickly as the fanatical devotees of a reclusive pop star begin human sacrifices for a massive ritual. Mario’s dialogue choices feel so real and authentic that you immediately get immersed in the world. Mix that with some banging artwork from Serg Acuña and Katherine Lobo and we’ve got a hit new story with a well-built world.

This was a page-turner and nail-biter that spends just enough time letting you get to know and like a character before they get ripped right out of the story and meet their abrupt end. The suspense is building up nicely as we see followers leave behind a call sign to show who this kill was for and this builds up the real horror of the series.

Matt Kritzer knows how to make dialogue and sound effects pop off the page and into your ears as he brings life to the letters. Serg Acuña’s lines and character designs accentuate the horror and fun of this world. Katherine Lobo shows just how good of a command she has on colors with transitions between the bright shining colors of the valley during the day and the dark horror of the fanatical followers.

If you’re looking for a slasher that will give you some emotional whiplash and new fears about going to music festivals, definitely check out Killchella for one hell of a rocking time!

Rating 9/10


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