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Written by Jonathan Chance
Art by Hernán González
Colors and Design by Damián Felitte
Letters by Drew Lenhart
Published by Blood Moon Comics

“Trapped among a cellar of corpses and the living dead, Jack sinks below as his past treads upon the origin of his beginning and the fate of his son just a year prior.”

Just when I thought this comic couldn’t get more horrific, the creators take it up a notch in issue 3! Jack finds himself trapped and surrounded by corpses that are both dead and undead as he tries to rescue Annabeth from a basement full of death. Each scene feels so cinematic, with thoughtful shots and angles of the action and smooth scene transitions that you don’t often see in comics.

I can’t speak more highly of Hernán and Damián’s artwork as the line and color team hit a one-two horror punch with every single panel. It’s gritty, it’s bloody, and it’ll chill you to your bones. And when I say the transitions are *chefs kiss* level of good I mean it. Check out these examples:

If you felt a slight lull in the action last issue, don’t worry about that continuing here because it is nonstop action, fighting, running and trying to survive for Jack. We learn more about Jack’s recent past and how this lead him down the path to become a plague doktor and protector of the people, as his son tries to fight off infection. The real emotion poured into these scenes is truly felt on and off the page.

This is the sleeper horror hit of the year and you do not want to miss checking this one out. We’re still early in this 8 issue series, so I’m hoping to see some big twist coming up that will take Jack through a series of unexpected challenges and what else may happen with the monstrous undead.

Rating 9/10


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