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Written by Jonathan Chance
Art by Hernán González
Colors and Design by Damián Felitte
Letters by Drew Lenhart
Published by Blood Moon Comics

“Leaving Wivensea, Jack Teller, the lone plague doktor, has discovered the plague has shifted into an aggressive unearthly state of epidemic: the victims are coming back to life to further spread the disease. By request of Annabeth Williams, Jack sets out to the neighboring town of Arlington as Teller’s past begins to be explained.”

I’m still in the spooky season mood and want to talk about another epic zombie tale that is proving it deserves a spot at the table by bringing something new to the genre. This time we’re dealing with a plague causing a zombie apocalypse and our Plague Doctor has to have a bit of gray morality and become the person that fights off the zombies while protecting those that are well.

Jack Teller’s character gets more fleshed out as we see the origins on the plague in his city and the effects this has on his family. There are some great cinematic transitions between flashbacks and present time in the story that are skillfully executed by Hernán González and Damián Felitte. Speaking of the artwork, if you’re looking for visuals that are so bloody and gruesome that they would even give George A. Romero pause in seeing them, then you’re in the right place.

The story and the art take you to twisted places of horror inflicted not just by the zombies, but by humans as well. These aren’t your mom and dad’s zombies – they are smarter, more organized, and way more brutal than you could ever imagine. Our intrepid plague doctor is thrown into some impossible situations and forced to find a way out in order to get to his final destination. Jonathan and company tease us with a huge cliffhanger at the end of this issue that finds the doctor in yet another impossible situation of epic proportions that leaves me wondering how he will ever accomplish this task.

There is so much twisted, horrific imagery in this epic zombie tale thanks to Hernán and Damián’s incredible artwork. These are some of the most dreadful zombies I’ve seen depicted in comics and the setting of this world enhances that so much more as the world is in darkness without the technology of today. If you’re looking for horror, gore, and a book that won’t bore be sure to check out Cover the Dead with Lime!

Rating 8.5/10

Cover the Dead with Lime #2 is out now!


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