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Written by Jonathan Chance
Art by Hernán González
Colors and Design by Damián Felitte
Letters by Drew Lenhart
Published by Blood Moon Comics

*Very Minor Spoilers May Be Present*

“The Great Plague ravishes England, killing thousands in its first year. Housebound infected homes are marked with a painted red cross, warning of the spread as plague doktors are sent into towns to face the impending doom.”

As if plagues weren’t already horrifying enough, Jonathan Chance brings us new reasons to fear them. Cover the Dead with Lime, a phrase referring to the use of quicklime to prevent the spread of the plague and other diseases, is an even darker look into a historically dreadful period of time.

While Jonathan weaves the start of what is sure to be an epic zombie horror story, Hernán González and Damián Felitte bombard our eyes with incredible and gruesome depictions of this plague-ridden world. Hernán’s line work is exactly what you want to see from a gritty and thrilling horror story and Damián’s colors complement the lines and transport you into the story. One very impressive scene for me was when we see the world from an infected dog’s point of view and see how warped and twisted his mind has become.

Are you looking to be horrified? Are you looking to hold your breath as you turn the pages? Well, you’ve come to the right place then. Jonathan’s storytelling keeps you on the edge of your seat through the whole first issue as we get introduced to the plague’s beginnings and how it impacts the citizens of Wivensea, England in 1665.

Plague doctors have always been a symbol of the horrors of the plague and still elicit feelings of dread and fear. Following the historical depictions of these doctors, Jonathan brings us a new horrifying story following one such doctor, Jack Teller. After issue one, I’m left wondering – what is more terrifying, the man who works to stop the spread of this plague by any means necessary or those who have been infected by the plague and are returning from the grave??!

In addition to the team already mentioned, Drew Lenhart brings us tonally consistent lettering that amplifies the storytelling and immerses the reader further into the world. And let me just say – you are not ready for the creepy depictions of the plague-victims-turned-zombies that Hernán and Damián bring us. Prepare to enter a whole new world of horror that shows why Jonathan Chance is a writer to keep an eye on as he continues to create.

I’ve fallen off of giving number-based reviews for a while, but I think I need to bring it back to stress how much you should check this one out. Therefore, let me tell you that this is a 9.5/10 for me. Stellar storytelling, incredibly gritty and frightening artwork, and a twist on the zombie genre that will transport you into a world of plague and other horrors, while leaving you wondering if you could survive.

Be sure to pick up Cover the Dead with Lime #1 when it releases at comic shops everywhere on August 10th! If your shop didn’t order it, be sure to check out and order it when it becomes available.

If you are interested in Jonathan’s writing and want to learn about another story he created, check out The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain from Heavy Metal Magazine. You can read my review here:

Cover A by Hernán González
Cover B by Hernán González
Cover C by Canaan White (not final art)
Cover D by Roman Stevens
Cover E by D. W. Frydendall
Cover F by Damián L. Felitte
Cover F by Hernan Gonzalez

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