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Written by Jon McCarthy
Art by Ron Joseph
Colors by Jorge Hov
Letters by Garrett Berner
Edits by Anna Hoffpauir Sites
Entomology Consultant: Dr. Helen Hull-Sanders
Development Producer: Nathan Jared
Published by Blood Moon Comics

“Humanity has become an endangered species following a nuclear war. The survival of our species rests with a group of scientists aboard a low-orbiting space station. Their solution to stabilizing their uninhabitable home has unknowingly facilitated the evolution of the insects that survived the fallout. Now the time has come for mankind to return home, but their fight for survival is just beginning.”

Endangered is an action-packed story that reminds me partly of Lost in Space mixed with a little bit of Alien and Predators. Writer Jon McCarthy is building an epic sci-fi story in a “what if…” future for the world, when nuclear bombs destroy everything and only the crew and visiting members of a large international space station are spared the decimation of the human race. Issue one is packed with hope and horror for humanity as the scientists work to make Earth inhabitable again and trying to bring the worlds top military minds out of cryostasis to prepare their journey back.

Jon finds a way to create very probable and realistic problems that may be facing the survivors and what struggles that they may be going through to get back to Earth. This first issue is very character driven as we learn about Nyx, the fighter who feels that she has earned the right to command of the mission back to Earth and Logan, a Captain from American Special Forces, who was kept in cryogenesis specifically for this mission. Nyx is very hardheaded, but driven to see this mission succeed, while Logan has trained his whole life for any sort of situation. There is definite power struggle between these two, but I can see that they both have their hearts in the right place to save humanity and will do whatever it takes.

Ron Joseph’s art is perfect for this sci-fi world as he nails even the background details that are important for fleshing out the space station better. His linework is very detailed, especially wit the characters and I can always feel the emotions coming out of them, including the humanoid robot, Terra. Jorge Hov’s colors are solid throughout, but the detail becomes even more apparent in the final page reveal of what is lurking for the crew back on Earth.

If you’re afraid of bugs now, just wait til you check out Endangered #1, now in shops!

Endangered #1:


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