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Co-Created by Rachel Pollack, Joe Corallo, and Eva Cabrera
Co-Written by Rachel Pollack and Joe Corallo
Art by Eva Cabrera
Colors by Cons Oroza
Letters and Book Design by Zakk Saam
Edits by Noah Sharma
Published by ComiXology

“Twenty-five years after losing her lover Lulu in a cult ritual for Dionysus gone wrong, Mindy Morrow is trying to live her life and put the past behind her. Unfortunately for Mindy, the past won’t let her go. While she’s taking care of her friend Flavia, her frenemy Kate is trying to lure Mindy back into the old club scene, and something more ancient and terrifying awaits them all.”

The Never Ending Party is a supernatural queer story packed with drama, magic, and…a Greek god?! This first issue sets up this new world very well, while leaving us with so many questions and causing the reader to beg to drink from Dionysus’s cup for more story. Co-writers Joe Corallo and Rachel Pollack craft a Greek tragedy in issue one as we discover what happened on the night of the offering and summoning of Dionysus so they could partake in the Never Ending Party.

The use of the flashbacks to the night 25 years before mixed in with the present day story is effective in providing the reader context in the events of the present day. Mindy is traumatized from these past events, but also trying to help her friend out of her own potential dangerous domestic situation. The third layer to the story is that Kate, the high priestess of the Dionysus ceremony, is trying to get Mindy to do tarot readings at the very same club where everything went down before. I really enjoyed Joe and Rachel’s combined storytelling in this issue that takes the reader on trip through a very bad time of Mindy’s life and what is sure to be another wild time.

The original group’s desire to have unending pleasure leads them to more pain than they could ever imagine. Will they repeat these mistakes again 25 years later or do the specters of their past pain continue to haunt them and keep them away from the desire to seek this never ending party once more?

I love the solid line work from Eva Cabrera that really puts the focus on our characters while still highlighting the most important background features, including some that provide a good amount of foreshadowing. Cons Oroza’s colors provide vibrant in the “now” scenes during the day and even in the first panel at the club, but provide a more dark, sinister-seeming red tone when the ceremony for the Never Ending Party is occurring. The colors in this comic set the tone of the story so well that as the reader you are prepared for more shenanigans to go down as you keep reading and watching for the shift in colors.

If you’re into Greek tragedies or gods, drama, and a touch of horror be sure to check out Never Ending Party #1 now out on ComiXology! If you have Amazon Prime access to ComiXology originals is free.


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