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Written by Ian Grody
Art by Yishan Li
Directed by Justin Fair
Letters by D.C. Hopkins
Layouts by Chieh Ying Yu
Edits and Design by Will Graves
Published by AWA

“Welcome to Brooklyn Through the Looking Glass, where a golem with benefits, a spiraling genie, a demon who feeds on bad vibes, and a mischievous mermaid collide with heartbroken, hard-living, and hype-obsessed humans. Lesser Evils is a hilarious, pop culture-filled universe that explores what intimacy, spite, selflessness, and friendship mean today.
Episode 1: Emmett
Meet Lydia Loew, an artisan potter, who goes on a bender after a bad breakup. Then, in anguish and anger, she accidentally conjures up a golem from clay in her BUSHWICK studio. Enter EMMETT, a golem with benefits. He mixes a mean cocktail, is handy around the house, and will help Lydia exact revenge, with a vengeance.”

When a quote from Drake’s “Poundcake” is juxtaposed with Psalm 139 on the very first page, you know this is going to be one very interesting story. This story is an emotional rollercoaster that I would gladly ride over and over. Ian Grody, with directorial assistance from Justin Fair, a film director, gives the reader a very cinematic story of heartbreak and vengeance with a cute supernatural twist, Emmett. This world that has been created feels very connected to real-world Brooklyn with both the current use of technology as well as the chosen vernacular of the characters. This permeates through the books so much so that I can almost hear Lydia saying, “Felt pissed off, might accidentally conjure a golem later.”

Everything about our cute golem, Emmett, is fantastically well-done. Lydia’s reaction to first seeing Emmett is understandable, but Yishan Li does a fantastic job depicting Emmett in a way that humanizes the golem and shows a growing connection between Emmett and Lydia. I love just how much emotion can be shown through Emmett’s eyes and a few other small details. Overall, Li knocks the art out of the park for this story and brings a story that already feels very connected to reality, besides the…uh, golem, that much closer to the reader. Everything from the small details to the backgrounds of the city show just how good Li is at depicting this world. D. C. Hopkins is as solid as ever on the lettering, letting the letters show some of the emotions Lydia is experiencing.

Like I said, this story is an emotional rollercoaster and if the cute and helpful Emmett is our peak, then we know it is only down the emotional slope from there as we find out how far Emmett is willing to go to help Lydia exact revenge on her ex. Grody takes us for a few twists and a loop-de-loop at the end of the story as Lydia and the reader begin to question certain events that have been occurring in her plans to get vengeance against her shitty ex. Is Emmett real or has Lydia had a psychotic break? Is her ex gaslighting her?

You’ll have to read this incredible story to find out! All I can say is that it was such a satisfying ending for both the story of Emmett and the story between Lydia and her ex. If you love a story with lots of drama, shenanigans, and accidental Kabbalistic rituals summoning golems, then be sure to check out Emmett #1! Emmett is the first story in the Lesser Evils universe that is a supernatural world set in Brooklyn, New York. AWA is working with Ian and Justin to create both comics and film and TV programming that are set in this world.

Read it now on Global Comix:

Releasing through Diamond on August 24, 2022:

Cover Artist: Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

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  1. JFair Avatar

    Thank you for the love and enthusiasm 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Sparks Comics Avatar
      Sparks Comics

      Thank you for checking out the review! I really appreciate it! I can’t wait to see where Emmett goes on the film/tv side of things!


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