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Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Alessandro Vitti
Colors by Ive Svorcina
Letters by Sal Cipriano
Published by AWA Upshot

“Spinning out of the pages of The Resistance, The Joneses focuses on a suburban family with a big secret: In the global pandemic known as the “Great Death,” mother, father, sister and brother were all transformed into something superhuman. While the world embraces fascism born of fear, the Joneses realize they face grave consequences if they
are exposed as “Reborns.” Do they keep a low profile and hide in plain sight…or use their powers for good and risk exposure?”

We’ve seen over and over again that stories in The Resistance Universe playbox can be fun and mysterious, but most of all impactful. The Joneses is yet another addition to this universe that tells a very important story about an ordinary family living in extraordinary times – just like you and me. It is a consequential story about “otherness” and how the community is reacting to people developing powers after the “Great Death.” Even a community of supposedly open and welcoming families seems ready to “out” these Reborns who are living amongst them and don’t want them living in their community.

So what happens when that ordinary family, the Joneses, have all become Reborns? Even they are not all on the same page about how to proceed and this creates a family drama element to the story. Moreci is masterful at crafting a family dynamic that, while it creates differences amongst them, unites the family in a way that shows how much they must stand together to protect themselves from the community that has developed prejudices against them.

I am really digging Vitti’s and Svorcina’s art and depictions of the powers that both the Joneses and our mysterious villain family have. The reader gets just a taste of that superhero genre while also keeping us grounded in the reality of the world. Our heroes don’t wear capes and flashy costumes, but instead are focused on disguises so that the world that is discriminating against them won’t be able to identify them or their families. Sal Cipriano kills it on the letters as we even get to see letters truly matching the powers of each Reborn.

If you’re a fan of meaningful stories, the Fantastic Four, any of the AWA Upshot Resistance titles (The Resistance, E-Ratic, Moths, and more), or love a good twist on the superhero genre, go add this to your pull list immediately! Issues 1 and 2 are in shops now!


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