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Written by Michael J. Ruiz-Unger
Art by Sebastián Píriz
Colors by Ray Jones
Design by Angelica Baini
Published by Behemoth Comics

“Earth has been drifting away from the sun for three hundred years, but that doesn’t stop Gordo, a crime scene photographer living inside the dome-protected city of New Reykjavik, from dreaming about its warm glow. Is the sun as dangerous as the NRCE (New Reykjavik Corps of Engineers) led everyone to believe or will a murder rife with old sun mystery throw Gordo down a rabbit hole to find the truth?”

Taking a step into the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world of Dark Beach is a trippy journey of discovery. What I love about entering a new sci-fi world is getting to experience the premise and the rules of the world for the first time. Michael J. Ruiz-Unger delivers us an awesome new world where Earth has supposedly been moved away from the Sun and all that remains of humanity is essentially a bubble city with artificial sunlight. Our sci-fi story gets a mystery twist, opening up with the murder of someone obsessed with finding the truth about the old sun.

Gordo, our intrepid crime scene photographer, also has an interest in the old sun and is drawn to this case as there is likely more to the victim’s story. Ruiz-Unger does an excellent job pulling the reader into the mystery of not just this murder, but also this world. I am so fascinated by this world and the characters to whom we have been introduced. There is a clear threat present that is trying to keep something secret hidden from the world and this is crafted and designed with even more mystery. We’ve got layers on layers of mystery in this cool world and I’m here for it.

Sebastián Píriz’s artwork works so well in crafting this dark, sunless world and the linework creates interesting characters. I’m very much enjoying the mix of traditional and unique panel layouts utilized throughout the book, especially using them to highlight important details and thoughts about the mystery.

If you love a good mystery story set in a sci-fi world, you don’t want to miss this series from Behemoth Comics! Issues 1 and 2 are out now at your Local Comic Shop or!


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