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Written by Anthony Stokes
Art by Marc Oliver
Letters for Issue 1 by Joni Hagg
Letters for Issue 2 by Es Kay

“What happens when the only family you have left is murdered in a gang shootout & the only option to bring them back is unpredictable? We find Jess Caine deep in the roots of New Orleans and her life is about to change, forever.

Issue 2 takes off right where Issue 1 left off delivering the next chapter of the story. Issue 2 much like Issue 1 is a character-based revenge genre with a supernatural twist.”

In just two issues, Anthony Stokes has managed to create captivating characters that draw you into a supernatural revenge story that deals with life and loss. Set in New Orleans, he has crafted a story that captures so many elements of the city – both the good and the bad. Stokes does a great job working with artist Marc Oliver to utilize the art to tell the story when words aren’t needed. Because of this, the story flows at such a nice pace that the twists that are thrown at the reader truly catch you by surprise.

Marc’s art is very character-focused, bringing the reader to facial expressions and reactions that tell even more than the words on the page. You can see the pain, relief, and horror through these characters’ eyes thanks to Marc’s detailed linework. With Marc also doing the coloring for this comic, he seamlessly adds those in to really highlight his lines and set the tone for many of the scenes.

If you’re a fan of the supernatural, necromancy, voodoo, and a good revenge story like John Wick, then you need to pick this one up! Decay is planned to be a 5 issue miniseries published through crowdfunding on Kickstarter!

Decay #1-2 is on Kickstarter until June 1st!

Kickstarter Link:


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