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Written by David Pepose
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Espen Grudentjean
Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham
Published by Marvel Comics

Since his exile from the Hyborian Age, Conan the Barbarian has conquered the most dangerous foes the modern Marvel Universe has to offer – but what happens when this hard-edged Cimmerian finds himself on the run from the cybernetic soldier of the future known as Deathlok? Outgunned and outmatched, Conan must turn to an unlikely group of loners, berserkers, and killers if he hopes to survive the night – but can these Savage Avengers defy Deathlok’s murderous manhunt, or will they become the next targets in the crosshairs of tomorrow? Don’t miss out on a bold new beginning for Marvel’s most savage super heroes, as Ringo Award-winning writer David Pepose (Spencer & Locke, Scout’s Honor) and superstar artist Carlos Magno (KANG THE CONQUEROR, RoboCop: Dead or Alive) introduce a sensational new lineup that will resonate across every era of the House of Ideas!”

When you think of the Avengers, you do not immediately think about Conan the Barbarian or Cloak and Dagger or Weapon H or Agent Anti-Venom (but maybe Agent Venom!) or Daredevil (Elektra), but perhaps you think about the Black Knight. Bringing together this team of killers, outcasts, and underused heroes was a fantastic choice for the violence and thrills that await inside the pages of this book.

I’ve long been a fan of Flash Thompson and his days as Agent Venom, Dane Whitman as the Black Knight, and have recently really enjoyed reading about Elektra becoming Daredevil (take that, people that said this wouldn’t stick!). So hearing about all of them together in this book, in a team led by Conan the Barbarian?? Sign me up. And that’s not all. The story is written by the Ringo Award-winning writer, David Pepose, who has written such powerful and emotional stories as Scout’s Honor and The O.Z. Sign me up for more copies.

Issue one brings us straight into the action, by the grace of Crom! By no longer being in his time period and his home, Conan has committed some sort of crime against the future that Deathlok is there to resolve – permanently! The fate of all of these heroes and vigilantes is tested as they come together to stop dangerous events unfolding within the city. Despite the danger presented by the snake-worshippers, Deathlok is persistent in ending Conan’s life. As paths converge, we see an epic showdown unfold and just when things seem to be looking up, David throws us a curveball from Crom himself.

I had never read any of the books Carlos Magno has drawn so this is my first exposure to his artwork and it is definitely a treat. The dark lines show just how gritty our team is, while allowing for the colors of Espen Grudentjean to shine through. After reading issue 1, I cannot imagine anyone else’s artwork being better fitted for this book. We are being set up for an adventure so unique with this book, that everyone needs to go back to the Hyborian Age and add it to their pull list immediately!

If you’re into crazy mashup teams, Conan, high levels of action, or just looking for a wild ride of a story, then Savage Avengers is the book for you. So get in on reading this book today, as it just released for New Comic Book Day 5/18/2022! Read it or Deathlok might come and hunt you down next!

David will be with us on the YouTube Channel Thursday 5/19/2022 at 9 PM eastern! Come hangout and watch us chat Savage Avengers and make the transition from indie to Marvel:


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