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Written by Kiefer Findlow and Emiliano Plissken
Art by Luca Vassallo
Colors by Luca Vassallo and Tokebi
Published by Behemoth Entertainment

“1986 A.D.: Under the streets of Los Angeles breeds the seeds of a gruesome interdimensional conflict between order and chaos. Enter Dave, a junkee, heavy metal drummer whose life is about to get a whole lot shittier.”

Do you ever read the title of a book and wonder if the title makes sense? Well, I can assure you that you won’t need to wonder for this book. From the very first page, everything about this book screams heavy metal. The art varies from dark to vivid and trippy but is a visual punch to the senses – one I’d happily take again.

From start to finish, this book rocks, it rolls, it gets creepy, cults rise and fall, aliens invade and a new status quo is reached. But sometimes drugs in the life of a heavy metal drummer cause you to not only hallucinate but also see things that are also there but otherwise hidden – aliens. Every second of this comic is fun and entertaining.

The art in this story feels like you’ve gone on a very wild trip. The art is grungy yet vibrant all at the same time and transports you to a whole other world. Another cool thing to note about this comic is that it is not in the typical comic size. While the comic has the same width, it is about 1 inch shorter than the typical size which really leads to a unique reading experience.

Heavy Metal Drummer 1-3 are out currently at local comic shops everywhere or for physical copies, as well as digitally via ComiXology!


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