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Written by Martin Etxeberria, Xabier Etxeberria
Art by Inaki Arenas
Published by Scout Comics

“Liverpool in the early 70s. Seamus Young is a young orphan who works unloading garbage in the docks. But his situation will get worse unexpectedly, when he finds a cutaway hand floating in the river and he will be immersed in a criminal conspiracy involving the IRA. And all because of a secret: Seamus has a broken eye but with which he can see the past.”

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but this is a book that should be very much judged by its cover because it slaps hard. Victor Santos does an amazing job introducing us to the story before the creative team even gets the opportunity to do so. And once they do it’s off to the races.

Sometimes when being introduced to a world, too many characters in the first issue can be overwhelming. However, in Broken Eye, Martin and Xabier Etxeberria weave together a story that hints at potential links between eight characters that are introduced and gives the reader enough about each of them to keep you engaged and intrigued for what comes next. The story flows very easily and does not get lost in the many characters as we move through this first issue.

Inaki Arenas does some awesome things with the art, especially with the paneling. The panels do not always constrain his art of the story and that allows him to do some very creative things to progress the story. Just as the art is not constrained by mere panels, the story is not constrained by its main concepts.

While this is a story about Liverpool in the early 70s and conspiracies involving the IRA, the writers don’t stop there with the drama and action. Our main character, Seamus, has some supernatural shenanigans happening with his eye: he can see the past. I’m very excited to see what kind of danger that puts him in as he stumbles into what’s happening with the IRA.

Broken Eye is an intrigue-filled, don’t-miss, visually appealing, series from Scout Comics!

Broken Eye #1 is in shops this week on 3/8/22 (via Lunar Distribution) and 3/9/22 (via Diamond) at your Local Comic Shop or via

Cover A by Victor Santos

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