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Written by Salvatore Vivenzio
Art by Gabriele Falzone
Published by Scout Comics

“Somewhere in the world, there is someone who feels different/special/cursed, who is losing their mind right now. You’re not alone. Take James for example. He would like to run away from his parents and from a life that doesn’t belong to him. On the other hand, Tom is forced to face his past and hunt down his own kind, like a hound on the leash of an unknown master. Brennar is on the hunt for money and a peace he can’t find anywhere. They are three people whose superpowers are more like a burden. In this world, there are no superheroes.”

Issue one of Distorted introduces us to a world of misunderstood people with powers that are seemingly causing more harm than good. We follow James, Tom, and Brennar through three separate story arcs (for now) as they try to make it through life. What starts out as a seemingly playful use of powers by James changing radio stations, catching beer bottles, and tossing balls around, gets dark quick as we see random powered characters accidentally kill tons of people.

Something in the world seems to be causing more and more of these powered individuals to lose control and cause devastation. Tom is sent to investigate, while James seems to be making a big decision of his own and what is Brennar up to that is bringing him lots of money?!

This issue feels like a great starting point for this world that Salvatore Vivenzio and Gabriele Falzone are creating, in which these powered individuals, or Distorted, are a unique take on superpowers. This leaves me curious for more about the world. How common are the distorted? How did they get their powers? Why are both Tom and Brennar collecting Distorteds? How cool is this art? (Very).

Distorted is a bizarre world of powers that seem like burdens and a world that’s out to get the Distorted. If you like a different take on the superpower genre, you’ll love to start the journey into Distorted. There are pieces of these characters that I would love to see more fleshed out over the series and cannot wait to see that happen. This is one to not miss this coming week from Scout Comics as they drop 3 #1 issues. Pick it up from your local comic shop or

Distorted #1 is available 2/22 from Lunar and 2/23 from Diamond! Ask your shop to reserve you a copy!


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