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Written by Matt Mair Lowery
Art by Wilkins, Law, Edgar, Atlansky, Cannon, Slominski, Cha, and Nafziger

ThoughtScape is a sci-fi anthology series like no other. There is a mix of serialized and self-contained stories all written by Matt Mair Lowery with art from tons of very talented indie comics creators.

The main, serialized story, ThoughtScape 2319, is a mind-bending look at thought collection and the idea that all thought can be harvested by Listening Posts. But what happens when Thoughtrepreneurs (such a clever name!) wreak havoc on space? This story sets the tone for the entire idea behind Thoughscape and brings into focus our remaining stories within the anthology as harvested thoughts plucked from throughout the galaxy.

As I type this, I wonder if this thought has already been collected. The immersion of the world being created in Thoughtscape is phenomenal, all the way from page designs, to ads, to the DOS computer screen-looking text that gives the feel of sitting at a terminal station on a spacecraft looking up information.

The stories range from the creepiness of dolls in “Adorable Orphans,” with art by Lisa Nafziger to the mind-exploding adventures of Dash Varrick in “Ex Post Facto,” with art by the incomparable Karl Slominski. These stories are emotional, gritty, chilling, thought-provoking (and stealing!), that leaves you feeling just a touch suspicious about who really owns your thoughts.

Matt Mair Lowery does a phenomenal job crafting these different types of stories into the thoughtscape and shows his range as a writer.

You can back ThoughScape Comics #1-2 on Zoop (a crowdfunding platform) right now:

Also available through the platform are Volumes 1 and 2 of Lifeformed that I highly recommend checking out too!


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