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Written By Jonathan Chance
Art By Emi Utrera
Published by Heavy Metal’s Virus Imprint

The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain is a coming-of-age story mixed with the hero’s journey that helps us find hope in a time of darkness.

We follow Kaleb, a young boy who has a dream of death and destruction that foreshadows what is to come. In the young man’s journey, his grandfather acts as his mentor, calling him to adventure and to head to the mountain to save his people. At first, Kaleb does not want to embark on this journey has he feels the need to stay with his grandfather and protect him. Eventually, he is driven to take to the road and start his trials as he climbs the mountain to save his people.

Kaleb grows as he conquers the trials put before him by both the mountain and the beast that is bringing doom down upon his village and the area surrounding the mountain. Kaleb experiences loss and true growth as he navigates the challenges set before him and reunites a team that may just have the heart and hope needed to defeat the darkness plaguing the mountain.

The art by Emi Utrera is exactly what’s needed to match the storytelling, allowing the reader to focus on the characters and their growth during their challenges and the landscape when showing the true depth of their struggles.

As a newer reader of Heavy Metal books, this is a standout that you don’t want to miss! Part Something is Killing the Children and part Mulan, this one is sure to leave you thinking about the bonds we make in life and how family can be forged through our greatest battles and triumphs.

The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain is available now to purchase from Comixology ( for a digital read or from the Heavy Metal Website to get a physical copy (


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