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Written by Rylend Grant
Art by Davi Leon Dias
Colors by Iwan Joko Triyono
Letters HdE
Published by Source Point Press

Dire circumstance force the Suicide Jockeys – a poor, usually drunken, almost certainly mentally ill crew of monster-fighting, tank-and-aircraft-piloting suckers – to partner with an old nemesis – a robot-wielding whack-job billionaire criminal. Oh, yeah… and Eihei Dogen makes an appearance? Tokusatsu for the modern American action movie fiend from screenwriter/Ringo award-winning comic creator Rylend Grant.

Rylend and company are back at it with issue 3 of Suicide Jockeys this week and it’s another excellent entry into this world. This issue comes with a lot less action than the previous two issues, but with a lot more character development, especially with Denver, and exploration into the possibilities of the world that should be happening. The team is still too much like themselves and not agreeing on how things should but done, but this serves to show just how dysfunctional they are together – just like a family.

When 22 test runs fail to properly achieve safe time travel, the team has to look to their former enemy, and possibly the reason Naomi went missing originally, Payson Lannard, who is also experiencing memories from a world of how things are supposed to be. We learn a lot about her motivations as a villain and maybe she is not quite as bad as they thought. As she is locked in a high-security prison the team will have to find a way to get her out safely to complete their time travel device, save Naomi, and set the world “right!”

While this issue does not have the high-octane action or team-up sequences from the first two issues, it does pack an emotional punch as we learn more about what Denver hopes to achieve – and what he is willing to sacrifice – in order to set the world back to normal. If action is the reason you were reading this issue – don’t worry. This issue still ends with a giant “BOOOMM” that will leave you excited for issue 4 and the hopefully impending trip through time.

For a story that started as an action-adventure, it has turned into so much more, throwing in some Inception-esque twists, great characters, and the occasional Kaiju.

Rating 9/10

Suicide Jockeys #3 is out 10/27/2021!

Cover A (AUG212041)

Cover B (AUG212042)

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