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Written by Matthew Erman
Art by Lisa Sterle
Colors by Gab Contreras
Letters by Andworld Design
Published by Vault Comics

   “Let me not mar that perfect dream

    By an auroral stain,

    But so adjust my daily night

    That it will come again.”

After the massive conclusion to issue 6 of Witchblood, I could not wait for the follow-up issue. Yonna and company have failed to stop Paxton and the Hounds of Love from reaching Esme and and drinking her blood. We had just a taste of the powers that blood granted Paxton. Now the whole world will tremble beneath his feet as he uses his powers to his greatest ability. The tragedy that Yonna is experiencing as Paxton becomes a god is so well depicted on the first page with Lisa Sterle’s art and the incredibly vibrant colors from Gab Contreras.

This is an issue full of “WTF” and “Hooooly shit” moments. Yonna and her crew art hunting for Paxton, seeking revenge for the crimes he has committed. They add some interesting and unexpected allies to the team as hunt leads them barreling through those that will not cooperate. Visually this may be one of the best issues yet, which is saying something because I have loved the art in every issue. A certain full page with a red background is just incredible and needs to be a print so I can frame it and hang it on the wall. It is just *chef’s kiss*.

There is a time progression that occurs shortly after the events of Paxton becoming a god that leads to some character relationships taking many steps forward. I am somewhat surprised, but also pleasantly satisfied with these new developments.

The incredible ride of a story that is Witchblood is not slowing down in this issue and is getting better and better. If you’re looking for a good fantasy vampire and magic story that also happens to have a bit of a western vibe to it, you need to stop what you’re doing and pick up Witchblood right now!

Rating 9/10

Witchblood #7 is out 10/13/2021!

Cover A (AUG212154):

Cover B Tarot Variant (AUG212155):

Artwork not posted

Cover C (AUG212156):

Yoshi Yoshitani Connecting Variant


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