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Written by Sheldon Allen
Art by Mauricio Campetella
Colors by Warnia Sahadewa
Letters by Matt Bowers
Published by Scout Comics

Issue 1 Preview:

From the favelas of Central America, all the way to the scalp of your favorite A-List actress or IG Crush (you know the one I’m talking about), Snatched is a hardcore voyage into the bloody, treacherous, violent, unfiltered, uncompromising, and always unforgiving world of human hair trafficking. Following three parallel storylines, Snatched examines how racism, misogyny, and unchecked capitalism lead the pursuit of one of the world’s most visible and lucrative, yet unspoken commodities: hair weave. If you thought the drug game was deadly, wait until you see what goes down in the hair trade.

Issue 2 Preview:

An incident at the strip club drives Andre to realize he’s outgrown his job and further solidifies his decision to take Harold up on the offer to buy one ton of human hair. In Las Vegas, Mo discovers his bride is every bit the loose cannon as her homicidal father. Up in Oakland, Mr. Lee’s mysterious tormenter ups the ante by striking close to home.

To be completely honest, I did not expect to like this book because the concept did not immediately grab my attention. But thanks to a recommendation and then getting review copies of this, I can now say this story has snatched me away.

First of all we have wide and diverse cast of characters that share the pages of Snatched. Then we have what typically might sound like a drug cartel-like plot, but instead of drugs, it’s hair. The hair that gets used to make expense weaves. In the first two issues, a lot of intrigue is build up as the de facto hair empire starts to have issues with their supply lines and an upstart rival begins what they hope to make as their new empire.

Just two issues in and I feel like several of our main characters have been pretty well fleshed out – thus allowing for future character growth. But wow do we have some interesting characters in this book. Andre, who works at a strip club, but has been approached by his friend Harold to get into the hair trade game; Mo, who just had an arranged marriage with a bride who does not respect him; and Mr. Lee, the head of the current hair empire who cannot figure out who precisely has decided to target him. As the previews excerpt says – racism, misogyny and uncheck capitalism play a huge role in themes behind this story and get explored in a very unique way.

The art in this title is fantastic and really gets accentuated in several action sequences. I’m a fan of the shading style employed in the art (see cover for issue 2) and feel like it is well-utilized throughout the comic. I’m glad I was able to read issue 1 and 2 back to back on this series because things get wild in issue 2 that really hook the reader. With it ending on a huge cliffhanger, Snatched is sure to keep the reader guessing and on the edge of their seat.

Rating: 8/10

Snatched #1 is out now! Snatched #2 is out 10/6/2021

Issue 1 Cover A (FEB211498)

Issue 2 Cover A (JUL211916)


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