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Written by J.V. Gray
Art by Barry McClain Jr.
Digital FX and Color by Slamet Mujiono
Lettered and Designed by Benny Lava
Published by Blue Juice Comics

The Wild West has never been wilder! Introducing Billy the Kit, featuring a gunslinging rabbit seeking revenge against the Tornado God that killed his family. Why was this sickly, skinny rabbit spared such a gruesome fate? What makes him so special? With the help of Luther the Goat, a profanity-spewing martial arts master, Billy relies on faith, magical firearms, and Kung Fu to wage war against the pagan gods and monsters of a bygone era. Co-created by Ringo-Award winning writer Justin Gray and artist Barry McClain Jr., digital paints by Slamet Mujiono.

Billy the Kit is one hell of an expletive-filled, fun ride through the wild west. After reading the Diamond Exclusive Retailer Preview issue, I am 100% hooked on this story. This anthropomorphic bunny family comes to life on the pages of this issue and really sets up who Billy is and why he begins his quest of vengeance. With Billy and his family believing in the Christian God, his faith is tested when the pagan Tornado God destroys everything he holds dear.

Billy is found by Luther the Goat, a cranky, expletive-loving goat, that I swear I could only hear Samuel L. Jackson’s voice as I read his dialogue on the page. This goat is a badass that we get to see fight some beasts and begrudgingly tolerates Billy as Billy follows Luther around after leaving home. Billy wants Luthor to teach him how to fight the Tornado God and Luther thinks Billy is out of his mind and suicidal for wanting that. With a hero motivated by revenge and the wizened, old mentor character being reluctant to participate, J.V. Gray creates a wild, wild world that I’m super excited to read and explore.

Barry McClain Jr. absolutely kills it on the art, making the most interesting goat and rabbits and other creatures in comics. The linework on his art is exquisite and very detailed. I absolutely love the character designs for this story and for what Billy looks like when he becomes a gunslinger! The fantastical tornado scene and the Luther vs monsters scenes are some amazing action sequences, and allow for the letterer, Benny Lava, to shine. Colorist Slamet Mujiono does an excellent job in transitioning from the bright and happy scenes from the beginning of the story with Billy’s family to the darker, more intense scenes as Billy leaves home.

I am here for every minute of this wild ride as Billy becomes Billy the Kit and starts his journey for revenge. If you’re a fan of westerns and anthropomorphic animal stories, you need to pick this one up!

Rating: 10/10

Billy the Kit #1 comes out 10/6/2021!

Cover A (AUG211643):


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