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Written by Rylend Grant
Art by Davi Leon Dias
Colors by Iwan Joko Triyono
Letters by HdE
Published by Source Point Press

After learning that his lost love might be still be alive, adrift somewhere in the vast ocean of space and time, Denver Wallace must convince his estranged team to set aside years of bad blood, saddle up, and bring her back home. Also, there’s a pretty funny reality show subplot, a panel where a dog takes a massive dump, and you know… plenty of cool monster-fighting stuff.

What if the world we’re living in was wrong? What if this isn’t what is supposed to be happening? Are we living in the darkest timeline?!

That’s the premise of this issue. Which is an awesome and crazy idea to begin with. Now, add in a team that used to pilot vehicles that would form a giant mech and fight monsters. Plus team drama. Plus souped-up rides. It’s an action-packed hell of a ride from start to finish that felt like one part The Country Bears (“We’re getting the band back together!”), one part Pacific Rim, and one part…reality TV?!

If the first issue rocked, this issue rolled and kept the party going. The art remains as good as the first issue with well-designed flash-back montages as Denver works to meet up with everyone from the original crew to go on one last mission: save Naomi and…restore balance to the galaxy? Each of the silent montages said almost everything we needed to know about how the crew split, without ever saying a single word.

The fact that I can feel how much this story relates to the current affairs of the world and how things just feel wrong all of the time without the plot directly being about current worldly affairs (just small nods and comments to it), shows how well-done this story is. For me, this books is my favorite book that caught me by surprise this year. And with issue 2 being as strong, if not stronger than issue 1, I know I’m in it for the whole series to see where these crazy Suicide Jockeys go and how they can right reality and save us from the world we live in.

Autobots, roll out and get yourself a copy of this story, because you don’t want to miss out on this!

Rating: 9.5/10

Suicide Jockeys #2 is out now at comics shops or at!

Cover A (JUL211960):

Cover B (JUL211961):


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