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Written by Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson
Art by Darick Robertson
Colors by Pete Pantazis
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Published by Humanoids Comics

***Waring: Language, comic is for mature readers only. Quote from comic may contain explicit language***

Darick Robertson returns for the “War Song of the Hiccopai!”

When we last saw the Bastards, everyone died…right? Well, maybe there were a few survivors, and now they’re battered, bruised, and ready to take the fight to Wayne Powers-that smarmy jerk. Before Powers can deploy his teleportation tech and eliminate the need for the IPS forever, the last Bastards standing hatch an elaborate scheme-that would make Danny Ocean smile (and blush)-to disrupt the proceedings and make sure they’re the only couriers in this galaxy worth hiring.

When THE MAN tries to kill you and all your friends, co-workers, or giant angry horned guys that are trying to kill you, do you just sit down and take it?! No! You get up and take the fight to Wayne Powers and show him what a Space Bastard can do! And that’s exactly what the Space Bastards do in this issue, hatching their scheme to bring down Wayne Powers and stop his teleportation technology that would mean an end to the Intergalactic Postal Service.

With the wildness that we’ve come to expect and love from the Space Bastards, this issue reminds us of just how awesome this world is. We’ve got creatures that look like dinosaurs, teleportation, space stations, insane gun fights, the seemingly last version of Resurrection Mary, the insanity of The Manicorn, the horniness of Zordakk, and Wayne Powers loses his mind? But we also get the side of Roy Sharpton that we don’t often see: a monologue that not only is full of emotion and pain, but is so inspirational, that I went and joined the Intergalactic Postal Service.

Darick Robertson shows again why his art is good for this story and that he can bring that Space Bastard action to life so well. Robertson’s lines mixed with Pete Pantazis’s colors make for a gritty-action packed story to celebrate the Space Bastards just 2 weeks before Sharptoberfest!

Joe and Eric have a hit here with this zany cast of characters who just want to be free and not tied down to the 9-5. And that right there is something we can all relate to. At 8 issues in, this sci-fi wild ride will hopefully get to continue for many more!

So what are you waiting for?

“Do we have time to fuck around?!” “NO!”

Rating: 9/10

Space Bastards #8 is out now at comic shops.

You can get 2 hardcover volumes from that collect issues 1-6 plus some extras in a different order, but with a giant-sized hardcover of excellent quality!

Cover A (JUL211730):


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