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Written by Jake Hearns and Jeff Marsick
Art by Kirk ‘The Savage’ Manley
Edited by Jeff Marsick
Published by Scout Comics

In the spirit of Lost Boys and Warriors, Night of the Cadillacs is a high-octane, genre-bending mix of horror, hard action, forbidden love, and street culture. Rival supernatural gangs come to earth on an overnight raiding mission to retrieve life-restoring blood from humans. While the gangs battle among themselves for prized Captives, a defiant and charismatic gangbanger breaks free from his crew to go on the run with a rebellious, 18 year old human girl to protect her from his predatory family.

I’m on a genre-bending bender right now because this one really cannot be classified as any one thing. Supernatural, sci-fi, street gangs hunting humans on the night of a blood moon to retrieve life-restoring blood from humans is such a wild and incredible concept. Our protagonist, Hope, is a rebellious teenager whose mom went missing during the last blood moon 14 years before and is apprehensive of what may happen this time.

Stiv is a rebellious supernatural person who doesn’t agree with the goal of the gangs and breaks away to protect Hope from the ongoing invasion. Some wild things happen in part 1 of 2 for this series and you’ll have to read it to believe it. The woman power subplot of the Lip Stick Cliqa was incredibly executed and very necessary.

While the art is not your typical style for comics, it is incredibly beautiful and many panels deserve to be framed and hung at a museum. The bright colors often clashing with the darkness of the city spotlights not just Hope, but is also used for different impacts include a bit of a “danger sense” in the red backgrounds. The art, like the story, breaks the mold of what a comic can be.

Overall Night of the Cadillacs is like nothing else that is out right now and is certainly a unique experience. Readers who love genre mash-ups and have an affinity for street culture should check this one out!

Rating: 8/10

Cover A (JUL211912):

Cover art by Rob Prior

Cover B 1:25 (JUL211913):

Cover art by Laurent Jacques featuring model RIV

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