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Written by Louis Southard
Art by David Hahn
Colors by Ryan Cody
Letters by Buddy Beaudoin
Published by Scout Comics

It’s time for the grand finale of the Midnight Western Theatre! In this final adventure, a heinous creature known only as “El Chupacabra” has been slaughtering the innocent goats at a small ranch! Fortunately, the ranchers have hired the solo adventurer Ortensia Thomas to put down the monster once and for all. As her mission nears its end, she locates the beast’s den only to find a new problem altogether in the form of a meek looking man named Alexander.

The first story arc of Midnight Western Theatre comes to a rip-roaring conclusion, featuring the origins of Ortensia and Alexander. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and it’s different approach to the vampire and cryptid genre. When a solo adventurer who seems to be cursed (or blessed?) with eternal life comes across a beast that may also have eternal life and skills to hunt we get some epic tales of Ortensia and Alexander.

David Hahn’s art astounds as always, really blending to the time period very well. Ryan Cody’s colors are perfectly muted to reflect this era as well, but show a great range when revealing the light and some hope for Alexander. Louis Southard takes us on one last adventure with our favorite duo to address a certain “Chupacabra” situation.

This issue is less humorous than previous issues of Midnight Western Theatre, but this drives home the importance of Ortensia and Alexander meeting and becoming a team. Some lore regarding the history of vampires in American is sprinkled in and hints at more to come from this world. For this is not the end of the story, but only the beginning.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “The world needs more western vampire stories,” then go and read Midnight Western Theatre!

Rating 8/10

Midnight Western Theatre #5 of 5 is out 9/22/2021!

Cover A (JUL211909)


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