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Written by Karl Kesel
Pencils by David Hahn
Colors by Tony Aviña
Letters Comicraft
Published by Scout Comics

Explosive first issue! The grin gritty origin of comics’ newest sensation! A thief gets powers, is mistaken for a superhero… and runs with it! With no intention of giving up her criminal ways, mind you! (With these powers? You crazy?!) All she has todo is fool all of the people all of the time! It’s not impossible – it’s Impossible Jones! Full throttle thrills by Karl Kesel (Harley Quinn) and David Hahn (Batman ’66).

Impossible Jones is the powers of Mr. Fantastic meets the humor of Deadpool, minus the fourth-wall breaking. This story throws a great twist into the superhero genre – what if the new hero is actually a thief…and doesn’t plan to stop! Not only is Impossible Jones all in on being the hero, she’s all in on still taking what she wants. This isn’t a antihero story either. Jones doesn’t just toe that line between hero and villain – she steps over that line and dances on the other side.

There’s one word for Karl Kesel’s writing in this story: FUN. David Hahn’s art makes me feel like I’m reading a classic hero comic, but with more fun character designs and detailed backgrounds. It was an absolute blast to read part one of this four-part story.

An ensemble cast of other heroes that make up this universe’s hero team – Captain Lightning, Even Steven, and Polecat – adds even more depth to the story and some team “conflicts” adds to the humor. The mystery of Tech Arcana’s business and their “first responders” adds tension and drama to the origin of Impossible Jones, perhaps foreshadowing a future showdown.

With such a diverse cast of characters both hero and villain, Impossible Jones is surely building a new superhero world that I would love to continue exploring. With fantastic humor, amazing action, and wild situations, come join the fun of Impossible Jones!

Rating: 9/10

Impossible Jones #1 comes out 9/22/2021

Cover A (JUL211904)

Cover B 10 copy incentive (JUL211905)

Elsa Charretier Variant

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