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Written by Massimo Rosi
Illustrated by Ludovica Ceregatti
Published by Black Carvan imprint of Scout Comics

What a truly horrifying yet hopeful issue. Anxiety, depression, OCD, and bulimia nervosa are all conditions that get stigmatized as something “other” and sometimes monstrous. In this world, a group of young people have been experimented on, leading to these conditions manifesting as truly horrifying powers in an astounding fashion.

The team of Rosi and Ceregatti creates a world where these conditions can be discussed and explored in new ways. We also see some developments with Tom as he explores the manifestation of these powers and openly discusses what is going on with his friends. Some showdowns and twists at the end of this issue have me already impatiently waiting until the next issue comes out.

Ceragatti’s art and panel structure breaks the mold of comics and throws the reader into not just the horrors of this world but also into the bright spaces and the hope that can be found. This comic brings an important message about mental health to light through the lens of the supernatural. I can’t wait to see some of these other characters that have been introduced more to see how their mental health conditions impact these newly developing powers.

Rating: 8.5/10

Don’t miss out on Broken Souls Ballad and be sure to read issue #3 this week when it releases on 9/22/2021!

Cover A (JUL211898):


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