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Written by Peter Blackie and Rob Blackie
Art by Daniel Maine
Colors by Carlos Lopez
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Published by Aftershock Comics

After Gummy bribes the right people, Te’a is able to pursue her dream of being a pilot. As it turns out she is a gifted pilot, whose accomplishments quickly earn her notoriety. But her mav-erick decision-making puts her at odds with her own Chieftain, Burke Graff.

Cluthian’s quest for alien-tech weaponry leads him to a surprising discovery: a technology that is destined to alter the balance of power in the System. But for Cluthian to carry out his plan, he needs someone capable, and expendable…

As someone who was already really enjoying this series and the worldbuilding occurring, I must say this is the best issue of the series so far. Te’a is a badass who has really grown and taken control of her life and her future as a pilot. In just three issues we have seen her grow up and her character to be developed and fleshed out more, but it doesn’t seem like it has been done too quickly.

The world-building that has happened in each issue and even more so in this one is fantastic and leads me to want more of this world. To build such a world as this universe is hard to do and takes quite a while. While we haven’t seen most of this universe just yet, I am feeling that authors explore just enough each issue to allow the reader to not be overwhelmed by the world, but also to not feel restricted in the world either.

The pacing in this issue was fantastic and is setting up an epic storyline that will likely occupy the final two issues. I hope that this series will be returned to long into the future to give us sci-fi fans an incredible world to continue to explore for many years. Knowing what we’ve seen Te’a’s capabilities, the plot that she is about to be involved in and the twist at the end of this issue will likely have big consequences for the world.

As a sci-fi fan, this book is everything I had hoped it would be and is filling that void in comics that is certainly needed in indie comics. If you are a fan of The Expanse this is a must read.

Rating 8.5/10

Clans of Belari #3 is out now at all comic shops!

Cover A (JUL211241)

Andy Clarke Cover A

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