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Written by Massimo Rosi
Art by Ramiro Borrallo
Published by Behemoth Comics

In an unspecified time in the future, it is discovered that within a special breed of albino rhinoceros there is a genetic code that holds the properties to regenerate man, that can cure all diseases, even those very serious. As a result, in a short period of time this albino rhino becomes nearly extinct, leaving just one: Sabium. Enter Bakari, a boy dealing with his own devastation, who now decides to dedicate his life to protecting this rhino.

What would society do when the cure to everything, meant hunting an animal to extinction? Of course humanity would hunt that animal to extinction. Bakari, a man suffering his own problems, decides that it is his mission to not let the last of this special breed of albino rhinoceros, named Sabium, get killed.

I am absolutely in love with this story and the animal rights theme behind it. It is an emotional start to the story, showing how far humanity will go to cure their ailments. On the other side, we see what Bakari will do to save Sabium. The depiction of the world during this time period is very intriguing too – people have replaced parts of their bodies with robotic parts, though it is unclear if this was out of necessity or choice.

Bakari is certainly a protector of Sabium and will go to great lengths to not just protect Sabium, but also to calm the last albino rhino down. (Side note Albino Rhino is a cool band name). Ramiro Borallo’s art brings the oddities of this futuristic world to life and shows the depths of emotion that our rhino protagonist is feeling.

Massimo Rosi excels at developing Bakari through just one issue and shows the impact that one person caring can have in a world where nobody else does. Rosi is already showing that there is so much more to Bakari’s story and that we will get to learn that as the story goes. Knowing that Bakari is suffering his own tragedies makes his connection to Sabium even more powerful.

Our antagonist – only referred to as “boss” – plays the role of the hero in his own story, wanting to bring glory to his name and declaring himself the “Prometheus of this century,” for finding and going to hunt down Sabium. This type of villain is exactly the everyday villain we see in the world, always claiming they are doing good for humanity, but harming others, including animals, in the process. I hope to see more dimensions to the “boss” as the story continues and explore more of his delusions of grandeur while trying to become Sabium’s executioner.

While I was already sold on the concept, Rosi and Borrallo knocked the execution out of the park and laid the groundwork for this beautifully important story to be told.

Rating: 9.5/10

Nobody’s Child #1 available now at comic shops or

Cover A (JUL211435)

Cover B (JUL211436)

Cover C (JUL211437)

Cover D (JUL211438)

You Promised Me Comics Exclusive Cover by Ana Shadowcat!


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