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Written and Art by Victoria Douglas
Published by Happy Tank Comics imprint of Behemoth Comics

Peace in Big Kitchen City is short lived, when The Mayor comes home with a new cat toy that threatens everything Cinnamon holds dear! How is a cat even supposed to make sense of a lazer pointer?! Can a hyperactive kitten like Cinnamon even satisfy her predatory response, when she is chasing something impossible to catch?

There aren’t many comics that I want to pick up and read over and over again. This one makes that list by being so much fun to read and so relatable as a cat owner!

This issue introduces a new “plot” by the mayor of Big Kitchen City (AKA Cinnamon’s owner): the “lazer” pointer. If you own a cat, you know how crazy cats go over laser pointers. And Victoria depicted that so well in this issue. Their use of the differing styles of art for Cinnamon’s perspective versus the owners perspective are brilliant and show their depth in art styles.

This issue and Cinnamon as a whole is an all-around delightful read about how a cat perceives the world around it and what challenges it faces from the cat’s owner.

So many books have taken the turn toward darker or horror stories, so it is refreshing to have a lighthearted cat story that has some edge to it, but at the end of the day is just so much fun to read. I need years of Cinnamon comics to be created to continue telling this tale! Sushi, the fish, is another favorite part of this comic because the stereotypical concept would be that the cat would always be attacking the fish. Instead, Sushi helps Cinnamon on her missions – though there certainly is some level of animosity between them at times.

And as with issue #1, I loved the extra comic in the back “Cinnamon Toast” and how the cat kneading dough habit is depicted. Long live action cat comics!

Rating: 10/10

Cinnamon #2 is out now at comic shops and!

Cover A (JUN211331):

Cover B (JUN211332):


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