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Written and drawn by Samuel Spano
Published by Behemoth Entertainment

Disturbing dreams shake Alistair “Allie” Jacobi’s nights. But his daytime life is not much better. His father, the boss of a criminal organization, has decided that it’s time for his son to gain experience in the underworld. So Allie, 19, finds himself doing an “internship” in a convenience store run by the man who, under the cover of home deliveries, is selling drugs to the entire city. To teach him the “job” is Christopher, an older guy. The bond created between the two of them will give life to dark presences and disturbing and enigmatic premonitions.

Nine Stones has been a very popular web comic, especially in Italy for many years. Now it is getting its spotlight in America with this first issue from Behemoth!

Before I get into the story, I just have to say how awesome the art in this comic is. It certainly has a more manga-esque style, but actually feels like I’m watching the anime version as I read through. This book has some of the best visuals and action sequences that I’ve read in an American comic. This goes to show how Behemoth continues to break down and expand what a comic can or should be.

The design of the drug business hidden inside of a home delivery services was unique and well executed. The environment for Allie to learn how to work in the family business is about as expected for a young man who has never delved into that work. Christopher is a tough teacher and is somewhat prejudiced against the “rich kid” at first as he does not think him to be competent enough for the job.

The story is so interesting that it had flipping through as quickly as possible to see what happened next. I absolutely loved how, even in one issue, the bond between Allie and Christopher grew after going through some pretty traumatic events. The secret dark presences that Allie sees are as creepy as hoped for and bring into question what darkness lies within Allie. This was an incredible first issue to bring us into the world of Nine Stones and creates the start of something new to the world of the “standard” print comics that we are getting to witness.

Rating: 10/10

Nine Stones #1 is out now at comic shops!

Cover A (JUN211338):

Cover B (JUN211339):

Cover C (JUN211340):

Cover D (JUN211341):

Cover E (JUN211342):

Cover E 1:10 Ratio (JUN211343):


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